Dental Implants

implementDental Implants are responsible for saving the smiles of thousands of people who have lost teeth due to decay, gum disease, or damage.

This innovation has given dentists a highly effective tool to replace one tooth or many teeth by a method that implants a tiny titanium screw into the bone onto which a crown or bridge is placed.

Implants can immediately improve your lifestyle, not to mention giving you a much more attractive smile and even uplifting the sagging muscles around the mouth that often are a result of tooth loss.

 If you are struggling with painful, uncomfortable dentures, or an annoying bridge, consider dental implants. You will truly experience a more comfortable daily life.

Because of uneven and protruding teeth, I spent years covering my mouth and avoiding close up photos. That is, until Dr. Rosen performed her magic. Now I smile all the time. What a transformation! I can’t pass a mirror without staring at myself.

Connie A., New York, NY