fillingA filling is necessary when a tooth has a cavity, and a cavity is evidence of tooth decay that is caused by bacteria. Tooth decay is like an infection in your tooth and if left untreated, the cavity will continue to grow and eventually destroy the entire tooth. The good news is that the advent of modern dentistry techniques has made this once dreaded procedure a relatively fast and comfortable experience for most patients.

At my office we use the most advanced technology to detect cavities and fill them before the integrity of a tooth is compromised. My goal is to make the process as pain-free and relaxing as possible, and my team is committed to that goal, as well.

Once the decay is removed, we have a number of options for fillings, depending upon your needs and the look of your smile. Silver amalgam is available, but I specialize in tooth colored fillings that blend with your natural tooth color and are virtually undetectable.

 Think you may have a cavity? Call my office today for an appointment. I promise prompt, attentive care and a particular focus on your comfort while you’re here.