Night Guards

nightToday’s fast paced, always “connected” lifestyle has had an unfortunate result: more and more people are grinding their teeth at night. Over the years this constant grinding can result in many types of problems including TMJ, tooth loss, cracked teeth, headaches, and more.

Fortunately, simple night guards can help prevent the damaging effects of teeth grinding and work to preserve the delicate enamel of your teeth and the integrity of your gums. We simply take an impression of your mouth and create a custom designed guard that you wear at night while you sleep. It not only protects your teeth, but many patients report their night guard helps them sleep more soundly and wake up fewer times during the night.

While wearing a night guard won’t reduce your daily stress, it is a great tool to protecting your valuable teeth. If you find you are grinding your teeth (often it’s our partners who tell us about it), make an appointment and I’ll be happy to discuss your options.

Don’t ignore tooth grinding, your teeth will thank you.